Khronos Seattle Event Summary - Chapter Launch May 2nd, 2017

Seattle Launches new Khronos Group Chapter!

We had a great turnout for the Seattle Khronos Chapter launch event with over 140 guests. International guests traveled from Europe and Canada with NW guests visiting from Portland and surrounding Seattle areas. At the kick off event we learned about Khronos Group’s OpenXR, Vulkan, gITF and more!  Learn more at the official website.


Speakers – Vinay Narayan, HTC Vive, Stephanie Hurlburt, Binomial, Ryan Wang, Outpost Capital, Joe Ludwig, Valve

Our team come together to launch the new Khronos Seattle Chapter funded by passion and supported by an amazing venue partner Atlas Workspace. It is not easy to get the busy people in the same room so we were super happy to have both Joe Ludwig and Aaron Leiby from Valve and Vinay from HTC Vive out to the center of Seattle’s booming traffic and action. Vinay and Ryan flew in and arrived directly from the airport.

Realtime Media produced by Tim Reha, Drew Stone, Willard Williams and Josiah Zacharias

We leveraged live streaming and realtime social media with photography at the event. In the future we hope to work with sponsors to create niche domain expert video content and distribute it to the rest of the world-wide Khronos Chapters and partners.

“It was a an exciting ride to go from a meeting with Vinay and Ryan over Christmas at HTC Vive’s Seattle office and then connecting with Stephanie Hurlbert, Binomial and then with the Khronos Group leaders. The organization operates team dispersed around the world located in Australia, China, Canada and in our backyard, Oregon. We are literally hand threading the support network to develop an immersive future fueled by open standards.Thanks for everyone’s support to bring our talented community together and connect it with the world-wide Khronos Group network.” – Tim Reha, Khronos Seattle Chapter Leader. Visit: 

Speaker Discussions with our Community – Stephanie Hurlbert, Binomial

Reaching out to the Startup Community – Vinay Narayan, HTC Vive

Sean Siem, Khronos Seattle Chapter Co-Founder with Aaron Leiby, Valve Software

Aaron Leiby has been making games professionally for the past 17 years, and has been working with the VR group at Valve for the past two years. His contributions primarily focus on the OpenVR SDK and associated runtime, and is responsible for the SteamVR Unity plugin on the Asset Store.

“Few communities have the technical means to establish a local Khronos Group, so I’m very excited to work with Tim to nurture this group and help with events.  The work that the Khronos Group does world wide to help build better AR/VR/MR technology standards and the impact these will have is pretty hard to calculate, touching so many products across the spectrum of human interaction. I think that having a voice in that larger community that represents development in Seattle is a valuable contribution to the region.” – Sean Siem, CEO, RoboCognito

Nima Zeighai, Khronos Seattle Chapter Co-Founder with Guests

Virtual Reality Demos – NullSpace VR Haptics Jacket

Frustrated with the lack of haptic interaction in games, Morgan Sinko teamed up with colleagues he met at the University of Rochester and set about revolutionizing the way users interact with virtual reality. Along with Lucian Copeland and Jordan Brooks, Morgan later founded NullSpace VR, and through years of experimentation, prototyping, and testing, the Hardlight Suit was born.

Programmers Building the Future

Architecture, Construction, Engineering (AEC) – Representation at the event

Willard Williams – Venture Capital Connecting San Francisco, China and Seattle

Guests from Portland Oregon and UK!

“We attended the Khronos event, because this is where things are going to happen. This consortium is where we are going to be able to consolidate and form the industry in a way that will keep it growing and keep it stable.” – Morgan Sinko, CEO, Nullspace VR

Tim Kitchen – Seattle Hacker News Meetup

Joshua Young – Portland VR Meetup

“It was great coming up from Portland to connect with the Seattle VR scene. The Pacific Northwest is on the verge of becoming a major hub for AR/VR content and my goal is to help make that happen. Connection Portland and Seattle is a big piece to that plan!” – Joshua Young, Portland VR Meetup

Thank you Atlas Workbase – Venue Partner

Check out our partner Atlas Workbase for co-working and meeting space located at 500 Mercer in the heart of Seattle next to the Gates Foundation and Space Needle / Seattle Center area 

Sign up for a free 3-day pass!

The team at Atlas Workspace were ace and on point to take the event to the next level.Pushing the edge is a lot of work and late hours. I pulled an all nighter and hammered out the website.

“It’s always a great event when you can’t stop talking about it afterwards, and that’s what Khronos brought to ATLAS Workbase. Smart people, speaking passionately about complex, big ideas.”
Ken DeMaria
Chief Technology Manager

In two weeks we had set up a VR studio, live streaming, realtime social media and mobile video conferencing linked to every Zoom room at the space and on mobile where I beamed in friends from Pluto VR for a realtime tour.

HTC Vive

Puget Systems, HTC Vive & NVIDIA – Professional VR & 3D Graphics Production Systems and Support

We had product being custom built for the launch by our friends at Puget Systems.  I love these machines and trust them for events as they run super quite, key for being near live stage recording equipment and are tested before shipping. NVIDIA introduced us to the corporate team at Lenovo who promptly shipped us two VR ready laptops that Larry and Sean setup with HTC Vives that I picked up from the Corp HQ. HTC Vive also funded the Pizza and sent us a nice box of T-Shirts and other swag.

Lenovo & NVIDIA – VR Ready Laptops


Big Mario’s Pizza




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